Global Populism: Origins, Practices, and Counter-Strategies

From Brexit to the Trump presidential candidacy, to Russian and Chinese agitprop, resurgent populism is one of the leading ideologies across the globe. While many have dismissed it as a passing fad, populism carries multifaceted implications for global political processes. In order to effectively engage populist movements, it is important to unpack its origins, as well as to conceive of counter-strategies for global media and policy communities. This event, which took place the day before the 2016 US Presidential Election of Donald Trump, unpacked global populism through a comparative panel of experts speaking about Europe, the United States, China, Russia, and Latin America. The panel examined the mythologies of populism and its roots, manifestations, global features, and cultural specificities, as well as the linkages between the media and growing popular unrest.

The panel’s speakers were:

Binio S. Binev, Georgetown University

Lakeyta Bonnette, Georgia State University

Martin Eiermann, UC Berkeley

Cas Muddle, University of Georgia

Maria Repnikova, Georgia State University

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