GeopoliticsStrategic Communication in the Geopolitical Arena: Redefining the Global Order: Global information flows have diversified the practices of geopolitical strategic communication in the 21st century. From ISIS’ online propaganda to Russia Today to China’s CCTV, we are witnessing the emergence of new global actors involved in communicating power. From nation branding, public relations and cyber warfare, the very meaning of what constituteinfo-war
 political leverage are getting redefined at a remarkable pace. These processes, however, remain little understood, especially when it comes to how global strategic communication is received at the local level, how it is being contested and how the strategies of persuasion are increasingly diffused, with significant learning taking place across countries as diverse as China, the United States, Russia, India, and others. We critically examine different layers of evolving strategic communication in geopolitics and the interactions across actors involved in these practices.