Film Screening: The Mysterious Mr. Slomovic

On Monday, February 13th, 2017, Serbian filmmakers Miodrag and Mia Certic and Georgia State University experts hosted a screening of the documentary film The Mysterious Mr. Slomovic, a film that details the story of Erich Slomovic, a Yugoslavian art collector. The documentary examines Slomovic’s journey and how he became such a successful art collector and dealer before his untimely death at the young age of 25 during the Holocaust. Through history experts, art experts, and local Serbian testimonials, The Mysterious Mr. Slomovic creates a vivid picture of the life of Erich Slomovic, a figure that, despite his impressive collection, has remained largely forgotten throughout history.

Following the screening, the filmmakers and GSU experts hosted a panel to discuss the process of research and filming for The Mysterious Mr. Slomovic, the role of art during the Holocaust, collective memory during traumatic periods, and the role of community during the Holocaust.

The panel speakers were:

Miodrag and Mia Certic, creators of The Mysterious Mr. Slomovic

Jelena Subtonic, GSU Political Science Department

Michael Galchinsky, GSU English Department

Maria Gindhart, GSU Art History Department

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