10/13 SeLAB – 1st Annual Mini-Conference

Posted On September 10, 2017
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Time: Friday, October 13, 2017

Location: Troy Moore Library, 25 Park Place, Suite 2343
Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA 30302

Time Activity Title Authors Discussant
8:30-9:00am Registration, Coffee & Refreshments, Format Welcome Reception
9:00-9:45am Paper Predicting Resource Extraction Protests in Latin America Moises Arce (MIZZOU) & Marc Polizzi (Murray St.) Todd Eisenstadt (American U)
9:50-10:35am Paper Stacking the Deck: Political Participation in Dominant Party Regimes Jon Hiskey (VU) & Mason Moseley (WVU) Agustina Giraudy (American U)
10:35-10:50am Coffee & Refreshments
10:50-11:35am Paper The Legacy of Civil War in Guatemala: Intergenerational Effects among the Ixil Noam Lupu (VU) & Leonid Peisakhin (NYU – Abu Dhabi) Carrie Manning (GSU)
11:35am-1:50pm Lunch Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
1:50-2:35pm Paper When Do Multiparty Local Governments Perform Better? An Examination of Municipal Councilors’ Political Behavior in the Latin American Context Abby Cordova (UK) & Ana Espana-Najera (CSU Fresno) Virginia Oliveros (Tulane)
2:40-3:25pm Paper Political Agency, Election Quality, and Corruption Miguel Rueda (Emory) & Nelson Ruiz (LSE) Guillermo Rosas (WUSTL)
3:25-3:40pm Coffee & Refreshments
3:40-4:25pm Paper Class and Unequal Representation in Latin America: Linking Descriptive and Symbolic Representation Tiffany Barnes & Gregory Saxton (UK) Jana Morgan (UT-K)
4:30-5:15pm Paper Perceptions of Corruption and the Approval Ratings of Female Incumbents Frederico Batista Pereira (UNCC) Matthew Singer (UCONN)
5:15-6:30pm Poster Session & Reception Graduate Student Poster Presentations
Poster Peace and Its Discontents Juan Tellez (Duke)
Poster Evaluating Students and Politicians:Test Scores and Electoral Accountability in Brazil Taylor Boas (BU), Daniel Hidalgo (MIT), & Guillermo Torcal (MIT)
Poster Creating Mass Support: New Political Parties and Societal Linkages in Latin America Mathias Poertner (UC Berkeley)
Poster Mosquito Politics: The Zika Epidemic and Abortion Attitudes in Latin America Mollile J. Cohen & Claire Q. Evans (VU)
Poster Behind the Gender Gap: A Survey Experiment on Gender Labor Inequality and Differences in Economic Attitudes Analia Gomez Vidal (UMD)
Poster Distributive Unfairness and Satisfaction with Democracy: Linking Inequality, Fairness Perceptions, and Political Support in Latin America Gregory W. Saxton (UK)
Poster Electoral Competition and the Prevalence of Clientelism Neil Williams & Tomas Okal (UGA)
Poster Party Identification and Economic Perceptions: Unveiling the “Blindfolded” in Latin America Jose M. Cabezs (UMD)
Poster Political Elites in the Colombian Caribbean:Meanings of Democracy and Institutional Trust, the Case of Barranquilla Karol Solis Menco (FIU)
Poster The Politics of Polarization under Chavismo: Why has Venezuela Experienced Political and Societal Division? Claudio Sandoval (GSU)
Poster The Role of Political Parties as Policymakers: Health Reform and Programmatic Commitments in Latin America Zoila Ponce de Leon (UNC-Chapel Hill)
Poster Extraction, Institutions, & Security in the Heart of Narco-land Clark DeMas (GSU)
Poster Electoral Reforms and Their Impact on Voter Turnout: The Effects of Increasing Multipartism and the Creation of Material Incentives on 20 Parliamentary Elections in Colombia Pablo Duran S. (FIU)